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Crimcast is a virtual resource devoted to critical conversations about criminology and criminal justice issues. Our blogposts, twitter feeds, podcasts and other content provide an overview of trends, research, commentary and events of interest to criminal justice practitioners, academics and the general public. CrimCast is sponsored by The Center for Crime and Popular Culture, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY.

Issues in Juvenile Justice

Nickie Phillips

Dr. Lee “Mike” Johnson is an Assistant Professor at the University of West Georgia specializing in juvenile justice, juvenile corrections, and victimology.  His book, Experiencing Corrections: From Practitioner to Professor, an anthology of essays by former correctional professionals, will be published this year by Sage Publications.  In this podcast he discusses his work on trends in juvenile gun ownership as well employee-on-youth misconduct in juvenile detention centers.


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Juvenile Gun Ownership

Employee-on-Youth Misconduct