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Crimcast is a virtual resource devoted to critical conversations about criminology and criminal justice issues. Our blogposts, twitter feeds, podcasts and other content provide an overview of trends, research, commentary and events of interest to criminal justice practitioners, academics and the general public. CrimCast is sponsored by The Center for Crime and Popular Culture, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY.

Clemency for Jacqueline Montanez and Life Without Parole for Juveniles

Nickie Phillips

In this podcast Aubri McDonald, an adjunct lecturer in criminology at University of Illinois at Chicago, discusses the case of Jacqueline Montanez, a woman serving life without parole in Illinois for a crime she committed as a juvenile.  Her clemency hearing is scheduled for April 11, 2012.  McDonald and her mentor, Dr. John Hagedorn, also at the University of Illinois, are on the research side of Montanez's pro bono legal team from Northwestern University.

UPDATE: Jacqueline's clemency hearing was held April 11, 2012.

A Teach-In was held at University of Chicago, Illinois, April 2, 2012 discussing the ethical implications of sentencing juveniles to life without the possibility of parole.

All photos courtesy of Aubri McDonald.

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