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Crimcast is a virtual resource devoted to critical conversations about criminology and criminal justice issues. Our blogposts, twitter feeds, podcasts and other content provide an overview of trends, research, commentary and events of interest to criminal justice practitioners, academics and the general public. CrimCast is sponsored by The Center for Crime and Popular Culture, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY.

In My Neighborhood: First-Hand Stories of Police Interactions

Nickie Phillips

UPDATE: Marlon Peterson was a guest speaker for our "In My Neighborhood…" panel. Here is his account of what happened after: ‘Driving While Black:’ Anatomy of a Police Stop

Last month, I spoke at a panel on Urban Policing at St. Francis College in New York about the historical underpinnings of the animus of Back and Brown people toward police. I drew the linear connection between the Harlem Riots of 1943; Watts 1965; Los Angeles, 1992; Ferguson 2014; and Baltimore 2015.

I mentioned that although I work to reduce community gun violence and police violence—and often consult with elected officials about how to engage the community in various endeavors—I am still aware that my Black body is under threat from violent policing.

Two days later, my words came back to haunt me.…
— Marlon Peterson

This lecture is part of our Fall 2015 Senior Citizen Lecture Series focused on Urban Policing and Racial Conflict: Current Crises and Historical Contexts

Emily Horowitz & Nickie Phillips, Coordinators

Johnny Perez (Urban Justice Center and SFC '17) served as moderator for a discussion with panelists Damien Stapleton (Harlem-based community activist) & Marlon Peterson (2015 Soros Justice Fellow + activist against gun violence) & Pastor Terence Brunson (Clergy, Police, & Community in Unity Movement). Johnny, a St. Francis student, is a mental health advocate at The Urban Justice Center, a member of the Jails Action Coalition, the Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement (CAIC), the New York Reentry Education Network, and the Bar Association’s Correction and Reentry Committee.  Drawing on his 13 years of direct involvement with the criminal justice system, Johnny has testified at the NY Advisory Committee to the US Civil Rights; spoken at Cornell Law, Fordham,  Amnesty International, Princeton, the United Nations, and The American Justice Summit; appeared on Al-Jazeera, in a documentary about solitary confinement and NY1;  and received the Victor Hassine Memorial Essay Award for his essay on the transformative power of education.