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Why Support Post-Prison Education?


A recent (August 2013) Rand Corporation study found that inmates who participated in correctional education programs had a 43% lower expectation of returning to prison. Rand found that of approximately 700,000 individuals who leave federal and state prisons, 50% return within 3 years. Hudson Link program boasts an even lower recidivism rate of less than 2%.

Re-entry into mainstream society is a challenge and the Hudson Link Post-Prison Program at SFC provides students with a safe place during that the transition. Success is enhanced due to consultation provided by our college-based mentors, including graduates of Hudson Link, who are familiar with the specific set of issues and barriers to post-prison life.

The Hudson Link Post-Prison Program at SFC works in collaboration with NYU Law School, whose law students and graduate students offer free tutoring and mentorship to the program's students. Throughout the year, enrolled students are encouraged to attend social and cultural events with mentors from NYU Law School, faculty members of SFC, and representatives of Hudson Link.

Hudson Link Post-Prison Program at SFC helps formerly incarcerated people break the cycle of crime and poverty – and complete college.